Connecting Clients With Customers

Put simply, this is what we do. We take your medical device portfolio and introduce it to new customers in new business channels across North America. New customers become repeat customers.

What can we help you with?

Market Access

Overcoming barriers to entry, licensing devices and understanding your competitive arena in the U.S.


Putting your medical devices in the hands of the right customers, in the right channels, at the right price

Did you know...

...the VA serves more patients than the entire population of the Netherlands?

The Department of Veterans Affairs manages the needs of 20 million U.S. veterans and boasts an annual healthcare budget of over $220bn. We will show you how Med Solutions can market your products within the U.S. federal channel and build your business from Los Angeles to New York, Chicago to Houston.

...the U.S. sets aside over $1bn of healthcare budget a year to spend with minorities?

Some states in America set aside up to 5% of their annual healthcare budget to be spent exclusively with minority-owned businesses. Talk to us today about how Med Solutions can lever your business access to these healthcare markets and lock out your competitors across a population of over 80 million patients.

...the U.S. online medical supplies market will be valued at over $3bn in 2020?

Would you like to better access a marketplace growing at over 6% per year? Med Solutions boasts strong relationships with many of the most successful online medical device retailers in the U.S. Let us demonstrate how we can grow your brand’s footprint with some of America’s most respected digital healthcare retailers.